Centennial Business

If your business is more than 100 years old, it is time to celebrate your history! Apply for a MHS Centennial Business Award.

Since our earliest days, Manitoba businesses have profoundly influenced our province’s development and character. The Manitoba Historical Society is pleased to sponsor the Centennial Business Awards program:

  • to foster public awareness of our province’s business heritage
  • to encourage pride within companies that have played a part in Manitoba’s history
  • to celebrate the enduring excellence of Manitoba businesses that have operated for more than 100 years
  • to recognize historic businesses that continue to contribute to Manitoba’s communities today

Businesses of all types and sizes are eligible

Any business in continuous operation for at least 100 years within what is now Manitoba is eligible for recognition. Any type or size of business can participate, from small family-owned firms to large corporations. The key qualifying factor is continuous operation: name, ownership, and product changes do not disqualify an applicant. Firms merged with other firms also qualify.

Participation is free

There is no charge for businesses to apply or to participate in the program if accepted. Simply complete a one-page application form and provide copies of evidence that documents your company’s age. Examples of acceptable evidence include:

  • old ledger sheets, minutes of board meetings, or other business records
  • articles of incorporation or charter
  • newspaper advertisements

Applications will be accepted between January and August. Businesses accepted into the program will be notified in the Fall and honoured at a special annual event.

We’ll help you proudly show your age

Businesses accepted into the MHS Centennial Business Award program will receive:

  • global publicity via the MHS web site
  • recognition at an annual ceremony
  • rights to use the MHS Centennial Business logo on company stationery, signs, advertising, and employee awards
  • a complimentary one-year company membership in the Manitoba Historical Society

Perhaps most importantly, your company and its employees can take pride in the enduring excellence of your firm. Your firm’s longevity and continuing dedication to commerce and community demonstrate to all Manitobans the importance of our province’s commercial heritage.


If you have questions about the Centennial Business Award program, or wish to submit an application form, please contact the MHS office.

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