Prairie History covers the histories of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta, as well as the US borderlands. Our goal is to publish the latest and best original work of young and experienced scholars, professionals and amateurs, as well as heritage news and commentaries related to archival and museum collections across the West.

Prairie History is illustrated and published in full colour, in print and digital formats.



  • Water at the Centre

    BY Shannon Stunden Bower | Associate Editor (Alberta)

Feature Articles

  • Teaching Prairie Pasts in 20th-Century Alberta and Saskatchewan Schools

    BY Amy von Heyking | Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

  • Wishful Thinking: Describing the Climate and Modifying the Weather of the Prairies and Plains

    BY John C. Lehr | Geography Department, University of Winnipeg

Prairie Pageant

  • Winnipeg, Incorporated

    BY Sabrina Janke and Alex Judge | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Marked Man: Stephen Juba versus Painless Pancho and the Battle Over Tattooing in Winnipeg

    BY Jason Woloski | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • The Story of Emergency Housing in Winnipeg: “There’s no place to go.”

    BY Doug Smith | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Abandoned Manitoba: Winnipeg’s Palace Theatre

    BY Gordon Goldsborough | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Reading the Letters of the British North American Boundary Commission

    BY Audrhea Lande | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • The CPR Route in Saskatchewan

    BY Bill Waiser | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Book Reviews

  • Jim Tanner, David R. Miller, Tracey Tanner, and Peggy Martin, Owóknage: The Story of Carry the Kettle Nation, University of Regina Press, Regina, 2022, 280 pages. ISBN 978-0-889778-14-6, $39.95 (paper)

    BY Dr. Andrew M. Miller | First Nations University of Canada

  • Kevin Nikkel, Establishing Shots: An Oral History of the Winnipeg Film Group, University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, 2023, 444 pages. ISBN: 978-1-77284-103-1, $34.95 (paper)

    BY Jerry White | University of Saskatchewan

  • James Naylor, Rhonda L. Hinther, and Jim Mochoruk, eds., For a Better World: The Winnipeg General Strike & the Workers’ Revolt, University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, 2022, 408 pages. ISBN 9780887552991, $31.95, (paper)

    BY Shannon Stunden Bower | University of Alberta

  • Murray Peterson, Max Blankstein: Architect, Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, 2022, 144 pages. ISBN: 978-1-988321-05-9, $35.00 (paper)

    BY Piper Bernbaum | Carleton University, Ottawa

  • Sheila McManus, Both Sides Now: Writing the Edges of the North American West, Texas A&M Press, College Station, Texas, 2022, 224 pages. ISBN: 978-1-62349-999-0, $47.00 (hardcover)

    BY Jim Mochoruk | University of North Dakota

  • Daniel Robert Laxer, Listening to the Fur Trade: Soundways and Music in the British North American Fur Trade, 1760-1840, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal & Kingston, 2022, 304 pages. ISBN 978-0-2280-0859-0, $49.95 (cloth)

    BY Scott P. Stephen | Parks Canada


  • Teaching the Past: ‘Dry’ History and Police Violence during the Winnipeg General Strike

    BY James Kostuchuk | Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Prairie Gazette

  • Then and Now: ACOMI We Belong

    BY Chuks Ojidoh | ACOMI, Director of Programs

  • Innovative Tours Launched by Winnipeg Architecture Foundation


  • “Clinker Bricks” Celebrated in Edmonton Buildings


  • South Saskatchewan Honours its Military Legacy


  • Prairie Fall Heritage Activities


  • Ogema, Saskatchewan; A Heritage Showpiece

    BY Carol Peterson | Secretary Treasurer, Deep South Pioneer Museum, Ogema, Saskatchewan

  • Cold Lake Museums Collective


  • Remembering Hugh Dempsey, the Right Man at the Right Place at the Right Time

    BY Don Smith

  • Historical Society of Alberta Publishes The Engagement Letters of Marie Harwood and Sam Steele, Oct. 1888–June 1889

    BY Connor J. Thompson | University of Alberta

  • Dr. Patricia Kell Appointed as Executive Director for the National Trust for Canada


  • Photographing Ghosts

    BY Tracey Turner

  • 2023 Heritage Saskatchewan Awards


  • Manitoba Heritage Minutes


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