Douglas Kemp Award

The Douglas Kemp Award was inaugurated in 1988 to recognize exceptional service in the promotion and preservation of Manitoba’s heritage, and it acknowledges service to the Manitoba Historical Society. The award commemorates MHS Past President H. Douglas Kemp.

2022Anne MacVicar
2017Nathan Kramer
2012Harry W. Duckworth
2010Carl James
2009Gordon Goldsborough
2007Mary Isabelle Brewster Perfect (1918-2012)
2007Margaret Chown McDonald Morse (1925-2021)
2006Judith Hudson Beattie
2005James George “Jim” Blanchard
2004John Campbell Lehr
2004Anne MacVicar
2000Céline Marie Power Kear (?-2017)
1999Lily Kowal Stearns
1998Robert Coutts
1997Morris Mott
1996William J. “Bill” Fraser
1995Giles Bugailiskis
1993Shirlee Anne Smith (1926-2020)
1992Alan Livingstone Crossin (1929-2019)
1991Arthur Gordon Pruden (1920-2000)
1990Edwin Cleland Nix (1907-2003)
1989Gertrude Blanche Perrin (1903-2001)
1988Alice Evelyn Brown (1916-2011)


For more information about the award and its eligibility criteria, contact the MHS Office.


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