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Heritage in Manitoba 2020: Perspectives, Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations
A report prepared by Manitoba’s Provincial Heritage Agencies

A comprehensive statement of the economic benefits of galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) in Canada has been developed by the Canadian Museums Association:


Yes. Videos of the past two Manitoba Heritage Summits can be viewed on YouTube.

2020 Summit:

2021 Summit:

A group of eight Manitoba Provincial Heritage Associations (PHAs) is organizing a “Heritage Summit” to discuss the state of heritage in Manitoba. What are the present opportunities and challenges in the heritage sector? How are heritage-related organizations preparing to address them?

We embrace the broadest possible interpretation of this term as illustrated by the diversity of Provincial Heritage Agencies involved in organizing the Manitoba Heritage Summit. It includes such components as the conservation and restoration of built structures and natural spaces; the genealogy of families, communities, and groups; the collection and preservation of written and spoken information, and physical artifacts; the archaeological record; and the sharing of heritage stories, traditions, foods, and more. It engages and integrates people from many perspectives, including the general public, advocates, managers, and researchers.

The Manitoba Heritage Summit is open to everyone, both professional and amateur. Participation is especially encouraged by people connected with heritage in their community, including involvement with museums and archives, local historical societies, municipal heritage advisory committees, local and regional governments, and heritage advocacy groups.

The Summit will be held over one full day. The entire program will be livestreamed on the Internet to enable people to participate fully, regardless where they live.

The anticipated benefits of the Manitoba Heritage Summit will be to:

  • Share information to the mutual benefit of all participants,
  • Provide a forum for discussion of the challenges and opportunities for heritage organizations in Manitoba,
  • Enable networking and better communication between all heritage groups, and forging of long-term relationships

If you have suggestions for pre-recorded videos that can be shown during morning, mid-day, or afternoon breaks in the program, please contact Tracey Turner (Manitoba Historical Society) at or leave a voice mail message at 204-947-0559.

There is NO COST to attend the Manitoba Heritage Summit.

Manitoba is a multicultural province that benefits from people with diverse views, experiences, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Fostering awareness of the intrinsic heritage of a community leads inevitably to greater tolerance toward, and celebration of, all people.


There is NO COST to attend this one-day Heritage Summit but advance registration is REQUIRED.

Free registration for the Manitoba Heritage Summit 2022 is being handled by EventBrite.

The Summit will be hosted using the Zoom platform, for which you will need a device such as a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to the Internet. You can also dial in to the Summit using a telephone.

Information on connecting to a Zoom meeting is available here.


For further information, or to ask questions about the Manitoba Heritage Summit, please contact Tracey Turner (Manitoba Historical Society) at or leave a voice mail message at 204-947-0559.


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