The Society’s award-winning magazine Manitoba Pageant was introduced in 1956 as a compliment to Transactions. Both were succeeded in 1980 by our journal Manitoba History. The magazine contains a wealth of information on topics of interest to a wide range of readers. Selections from Pageant were reprinted in the early 1990s as Pioneer Life and Manitoba Personalities. These collections may be purchased from the MHS Office.

The contents of each issue of Manitoba Pageant are listed below.

group of cows grazing in field

A Red River Settlement Custom

BY William Douglas

The Old Swimming Hole

BY Dorothy Garbutt

Lord Selkirk

BY Elisabeth Henderson

The Ukrainian Canadians

BY Paul Yuzyk

Are You Sure?

BY Barbara Johnstone

Red River Cart

BY Olive Knox

From Postage Stamp to Keystone

BY Douglas Kemp

The Great Seal of the Province

The First Half Century: A Sketch of the Early Years of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba

BY David A. Stewart, MD

The Golden Boy

BY 352

Place Names

BY 352

Red River Surveys

BY 352

The Coat-of-Arms

BY 352

How Manitoba Got Its Name

BY 339

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