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    BY James Kostuchuk | Reviews Editor

Feature Articles

  • “Model Farms” or “Sloven Squatter Agriculture”?: Red River Agriculture and the Environment, 1817–1870

    BY W. F. Rannie | Department of Geography, University of Winnipeg

  • Pure, White, British, and Canadian: The Moose Jaw Origins and Rise of Robin Hood Flour, 1909–1930s

    BY Sarah Carter | Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta

  • The Honourable John Norquay: Indigenous Premier, Canadian Statesman

    BY Gerald Friesen | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Prairie Pageant

  • Switchboard Operator: Emily Lander and Regina’s Early Telephone System

    BY Keith Foster | Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Researching the History of a Winnipeg House

    BY Linda Dietrick | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald’s Winnipeg Neighbourhood

    BY Michael Parke-Taylor | Toronto, Ontario

  • The Taylor Tombstone: A Cautionary Tale of Death on the Prairie

    BY Greg Petzold | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Book Reviews

  • Review Essay: In Hindsight: Half a Century of Research Discoveries in Canadian History. A series of 21 podcasts featuring Donald Smith and produced by the Ontario Historical Society

    BY Michael Payne | Ottawa, Ontario

  • Sandra Rollings-Magnusson, Tales from the Homestead: A History of Prairie Farmers 1867–1914, Heritage House, Victoria, 2022, 271 pages. ISBN 978-1-77203-389-2, $29.95 (paperback)

    BY Terry Dann | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Mark Vitaris, Borderlands, Frontenac House, Calgary, 2020, 191 pages. ISBN 978-1 989466-0-7-0, $60.00 (cloth)

    BY Graham A. MacDonald | Parksville, BC

  • Shauna MacKinnon and Kathy Mallett (eds.), Indigenous Resistance and Development in Winnipeg 1960–2000, ARP Books, Winnipeg, 2023, 221 pages. ISBN: 9781927886724-13, $24.00 (paperback)

    BY Jim Silver | Professor Emeritus, University of Winnipeg

  • Timothy Cochrane, Making the Carry: The Lives of John and Tchi-Ki-Wis Linklater, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2022, 310 pages. ISBN 978-1-5179-1388-5, $24.95, (paperback)

    BY Jim Mochoruk | History Department, University of North Dakota

  • David Laurence Jones, New World Dreams: Canadian Pacific Railway and the Golden Northwest, Heritage House, Victoria, 2023, 439 pages. ISBN 9-781772-034554, $49.95 (paperback)

    BY Mark P. Forbes | Department of History, McMaster University

  • Angus Scully, In Our Youth: The Lives, Adventures, and Sacrifices of Early Canadian Flyers, Heritage House, Victoria, 2022, 320 pages. ISBN 978-1172034219, $29.95 (paperback)

    BY Bill Zuk | Winnipeg, Manitoba


  • Reading New Breed Magazine as a Site of Métis History Making

    BY Dane Allard | History Department, University of British Columbia

  • Prairie History Endowment Fund: Report from the Chair

    BY Rick Frost | Endowment Chair

Prairie Gazette

  • Conferences Return to the Prairies


  • A Fun Night Out in Longview, Alberta


  • “Graffiti” on Rock near Prince of Wales Fort, Churchill, Manitoba


  • Major Announcement on Manitoba’s Seal River Watershed


  • New Norman Kwong Heritage Minute


  • Brick Flour Mill at Yorkton, Saskatchewan


  • What Happened to Fort Battleford National Historic Site?


  • Potential National Urban Parks on the Prairies


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