• Borderlands: An Appreciation (Part II)

    BY James Mochoruk

Feature Articles

  • From the Pembina Valley to the European Battlefront: The Solidarities of a Franco-Manitoban Poilu in the Great War

    BY Bruce Y. P. Veugelers | University of Regina & John W. P. Veugelers | University of Toronto

  • The North American-Icelandic Children’s Newspaper Sólskin: Culture, Identity, and Community

    BY Christopher Crocker | Winnipeg

Prairie Pageant

  • Govan, Saskatchewan: Portrait of a Prairie Town (Part 2)

    BY by Keith Foster | Regina, Saskatchewan

  • The Evolving Prairie Landscape

    BY John C. Lehr | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “Inevitable Assimilation”: Representations of Indigenous Identity in D. C. Scott’s Writings

    BY Ashley Callahan | Edmonton, Alberta

  • William Hallett, Chief Scout of the 49th Rangers

    BY Audrhea Lande | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “That’s it. I’m buying a car”: An Analysis of Winnipeg Transit’s Actions and Responses in the Early Post-War Era, 1946–1962

    BY Michael Veith | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • One Hundred Years of Psychiatric Nursing in Manitoba

    BY Beverley Hicks | Brandon, Manitoba

Book Reviews

  • Yvonne Boyer and Larry Chartrand, Bead by Bead: Constitutional Rights and Métis Community, UBC Press, 2022, 236 pages. ISBN 9780774865975, $32.95 (paperback)

    BY Sacha Paul | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Neeyom White, The Dash Between the Years 1894–1918, Independently published (available on Amazon), June 2022, $19.99 (paperback)

    BY John Burchill | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Robert Lower, Unsettled: Lord Selkirk’s Scottish Colonists and the Battle for Canada’s West, 1813-1816, ECW Press, Toronto, 2023, 314 pages. ISBN 978-1770417182, $29.95, (paperback)

    BY Harry Duckworth | University of Manitoba

  • Carole Blackburn, Beyond Rights: The Nisga’a Final Agreement and the Challenges of Modern Treaty Relationships, UBC Press, Vancouver, 2021, 191 pages. ISBN 978-0774866453, $32.95, (paperback)

    BY J. R. (Jim) Miller, OC, SOM, FRSC | Professor Emeritus of History, University of Saskatchewan

  • Patricia Bovey, Western Voices in Canadian Art, University of Manitoba Press, 2023, xvi, 452 pages. ISBN: 978-0887550478, $49.95 (hardcover)

    BY Allen Mills | University of Winnipeg

  • Exhibition Review: Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre, Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, Winnipeg

    BY Jeremy Maron | Canadian Museum for Human Rights

  • Theodore Niizhotay Fontaine, Broken Circle: The Dark Legacy of Indian Residential Schools, Heritage House Publishings, Vancouver, 2022, 224 pages. ISBN 978-1772034158, $29.95 (paperback)

    BY Jamie Nienhuysen | University of Manitoba


  • Drawing out the Narrative from the J. S. Woodsworth Sketch

    BY Natalie Vielfaure | University of Manitoba Libraries

Prairie Gazette

  • Cross-Canada Train Tour to Commemorate Russlaender Centenary


  • Kihcihkaw askî Opened in Edmonton’s River Valley

    BY Shannon Stunden Bower

  • Congratulations to Professor Sarah Carter


  • Letters from the North American-Icelandic Children’s Newspaper Sólskin, October 1915–April 1918

    BY Christopher Crocker

  • Heritage Saskatchewan Refreshes Its Programs

    BY David Siebert

  • Historic Tree Planting Car Has a New Home


  • Manitoba Lieutenant-Governor’s Awards for Historical Preservation and Promotion 2023


  • 2022 Margaret McWilliams Awards


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