• The State of Heritage in Manitoba: A Call to Action

    BY Gordon Goldsborough

Feature Articles

  • The “Queen of Lady Farmers” and Married Women as Landowners on the Canadian Prairies

    BY Jessy Lee Saas

  • The Rocky Mountain Locust in the Eastern Prairies

    BY William F. Rannie

Prairie Pageant

  • Rupert Brooke on the Canadian Prairies

    BY John C. Lehr

  • Manitoba’s First Petition for Women’s Suffrage and the Demography of Activism

    BY Roland Sawatzky and Brittany Bauer

  • An Ugly Day: The 1935 Regina Riot

    BY Keith Foster

  • The “Gorilla Man Strangler”: Serial Killer Earle Nelson

    BY John Burchill

Book Reviews

  • Andrew Stobo Sniderman and Douglas Sanderson, (Amo Binashi), Valley of the Birdtail: An Indian Reserve, a White Town, and The Road to Reconciliation, HarperCollins, 2022

    BY Anne Morton

  • Terry Dann, Land Title: A Novel of the Prairies, independently published, 2020

    BY Gordon Goldsborough

  • Joel Deshaye, The American Western in Canadian Literature, University of Calgary Press, 2022

    BY Graham A. MacDonald

  • Donald J. Savoie, Democracy in Canada: The Disintegration of our Institutions, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019 and Donald J. Savoie, Government: Have Presidents and Prime Ministers Misdiagnosed the Patient? McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022

    BY Christopher J. Adams


  • The Pratt Opera House

    BY James Kostuchuk

Prairie Gazette

  • Dufferin Street Gang Monument

    BY Stephen Sharman

  • Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park Named to UNESCO

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Harvesting Ice on the Prairies

    BY Sheila Grover

  • National Trust Conference October 2022

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Former Muscowequan Indian Residential School Given Governor’s Award by National Trust For Canada

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Greetings from Ingrid Cazakoff, the New Chair of the National Trust for Canada

    BY Ingrid Cazakoff

  • Métis Nation Heritage Centre Takes Shape

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Lost Child Creek

    BY Bill Waiser

  • Lieutenant-Governor’s Awards for Historical Preservation and Promotion 2022

    BY Gordon Goldsborough

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