• Water at the Centre

    BY Shannon Stunden Bower | Associate Editor (Alberta)

Feature Articles

  • Teaching Prairie Pasts in 20th-Century Alberta and Saskatchewan Schools

    BY Amy von Heyking | Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

  • Wishful Thinking: Describing the Climate and Modifying the Weather of the Prairies and Plains

    BY John C. Lehr | Geography Department, University of Winnipeg

Prairie Pageant

  • Winnipeg, Incorporated

    BY Sabrina Janke and Alex Judge | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Marked Man: Stephen Juba versus Painless Pancho and the Battle Over Tattooing in Winnipeg

    BY Jason Woloski | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • The Story of Emergency Housing in Winnipeg: “There’s no place to go.”

    BY Doug Smith | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Abandoned Manitoba: Winnipeg’s Palace Theatre

    BY Gordon Goldsborough | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Reading the Letters of the British North American Boundary Commission

    BY Audrhea Lande | Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • The CPR Route in Saskatchewan

    BY Bill Waiser | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Book Reviews

  • Jim Tanner, David R. Miller, Tracey Tanner, and Peggy Martin, Owóknage: The Story of Carry the Kettle Nation, University of Regina Press, Regina, 2022, 280 pages. ISBN 978-0-889778-14-6, $39.95 (paper)

    BY Dr. Andrew M. Miller | First Nations University of Canada

  • Kevin Nikkel, Establishing Shots: An Oral History of the Winnipeg Film Group, University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, 2023, 444 pages. ISBN: 978-1-77284-103-1, $34.95 (paper)

    BY Jerry White | University of Saskatchewan

  • James Naylor, Rhonda L. Hinther, and Jim Mochoruk, eds., For a Better World: The Winnipeg General Strike & the Workers’ Revolt, University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, 2022, 408 pages. ISBN 9780887552991, $31.95, (paper)

    BY Shannon Stunden Bower | University of Alberta

  • Murray Peterson, Max Blankstein: Architect, Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, 2022, 144 pages. ISBN: 978-1-988321-05-9, $35.00 (paper)

    BY Piper Bernbaum | Carleton University, Ottawa

  • Sheila McManus, Both Sides Now: Writing the Edges of the North American West, Texas A&M Press, College Station, Texas, 2022, 224 pages. ISBN: 978-1-62349-999-0, $47.00 (hardcover)

    BY Jim Mochoruk | University of North Dakota

  • Daniel Robert Laxer, Listening to the Fur Trade: Soundways and Music in the British North American Fur Trade, 1760-1840, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal & Kingston, 2022, 304 pages. ISBN 978-0-2280-0859-0, $49.95 (cloth)

    BY Scott P. Stephen | Parks Canada


  • Teaching the Past: ‘Dry’ History and Police Violence during the Winnipeg General Strike

    BY James Kostuchuk | Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Prairie Gazette

  • Then and Now: ACOMI We Belong

    BY Chuks Ojidoh | ACOMI, Director of Programs

  • Innovative Tours Launched by Winnipeg Architecture Foundation


  • “Clinker Bricks” Celebrated in Edmonton Buildings


  • South Saskatchewan Honours its Military Legacy


  • Prairie Fall Heritage Activities


  • Ogema, Saskatchewan; A Heritage Showpiece

    BY Carol Peterson | Secretary Treasurer, Deep South Pioneer Museum, Ogema, Saskatchewan

  • Cold Lake Museums Collective


  • Remembering Hugh Dempsey, the Right Man at the Right Place at the Right Time

    BY Don Smith

  • Historical Society of Alberta Publishes The Engagement Letters of Marie Harwood and Sam Steele, Oct. 1888–June 1889

    BY Connor J. Thompson | University of Alberta

  • Dr. Patricia Kell Appointed as Executive Director for the National Trust for Canada


  • Photographing Ghosts

    BY Tracey Turner

  • 2023 Heritage Saskatchewan Awards


  • Manitoba Heritage Minutes


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