• The Nonsuch Gallery as Symbol: Empire Building and the Colonialist Dialogue

    BY Robert Coutts

Feature Articles

  • E. E. Rich, Hudson’s Bay Company, and the British Empire

    BY Gerhard J. Ens

  • Jamaica, The Atlantic World, and the ‘New System’ of the Hudson’s Bay Company

    BY Tolly Bradford

  • “It seems we talk a lot”: The Jewish Farm Colony at Rosser and the Vanguard Project

    BY John C. Lehr

Prairie Pageant

  • Louis Frasse de Plainval: Manitoba’s Dramatic Police Chief

    BY John Burchill

  • Alf Douglas and the Founding of Riding Mountain National Park

    BY Candy Irwin

  • In Their Own Words: Rural Voices From the 1918 Flu Pandemic

    BY Wayne Chan

Book Reviews

  • Rhonda L. Hinther and Jim Mochoruk (editors), Civilian Internment in Canada, Histories and Legacies, University of Manitoba Press, 2020

    BY John C. Lehr

  • Harry W. Duckworth (editor), Friends, Foes, and Furs: George Nelson’s Lake Winnipeg Journals, 1804-1822, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019

    BY Robert Coutts

  • Robert Teigrob, Four Days in Hitler’s Germany, Mackenzie King’s Mission to Avert a Second World War, University of Toronto Press, 2019

    BY Graham A. MacDonald

  • Scott P. Stephen, Masters and Servants: The Hudson’s Bay Company and Its North American Workforce, 1668-1786, University of Alberta Press, 2019

    BY Michael Payne

  • David Spector, Assiniboine Park, Designing and Developing a People’s Playground, Great Plains Publications, 2019

    BY Gail Perry

  • Patrick M. Dennis, Reluctant Warriors: Canadian Conscripts and the Great War, UBC Press, 2017

    BY Will Pratt

  • Steve Marti and William John Pratt (editors), Fighting with the Empire: Canada, Britain, and Global Conflict, 1867-1947, UBC Press, 2019

    BY C. J. Taylor

  • M. Max Hamon, The Audacity of His Enterprise: Louis Riel and the Métis Nation That Canada Never Was, 1840-1875, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019

    BY Greg Thomas


  • Iron Lungs and Epidemic Polio in Manitoba

    BY Dr. Leah Morton

Prairie Gazette

  • Obituary: Dr. John (Jack) Bumsted

    BY Debra Lindsay

  • Obituary: Shirlee Anne Smith

    BY Robert Coutts

  • Bone Hoe Points to Pre-Contact Farming on the Prairies

    BY Jay Whetter

  • Public History at Western Canadian Universities: Are You Out There?

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Calgary Symphony Orchestra

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Jingle Dresses for a Pandemic

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Heritage Resources in the Canadian Encyclopedia Online

    BY Sheila Grover

  • A Century Since Prohibition

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Motorcycle Tourism in Manitoba

    BY Myles O'Reilly

  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada and Alberta’s Historic Waldron Ranch

    BY Sheila Grover and Greg Thomas

  • The 1919 Prince of Wales Visit to Portage la Prairie

    BY James Kostuchuk

  • Century Farm Awards for Prairie Farms

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Virtually Possible

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Heritage Saskatchewan: Who Are We?

    BY Katherine Gilks

  • The Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society’s Indigenous and Northern Photo Collections Project

    BY Danielle Bird

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