• The Canadian Prairies: A Boardwalk Writ Large

    BY Dale Barbour

Feature Articles

  • Sinclair Lewis, Mantrap, and Northern Canadian Modernism at Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan, 1924

    BY George Colpitts

  • Looking Back at the 2016 Manitoba Election: The Engagement of Métis People

    BY Christopher Adams

Prairie Pageant

  • Memories of the Mid-Mountain General Store

    BY Shannon Moneo

  • Salvation of a Prairie Dog: The Survival Story of Canada’s Oldest Working Steam Locomotive

    BY Paul Newsome

  • Revolutionary Reprisal on the Bay, April 1782

    BY Merv Ahrens

  • World-Famous Plants from Manitoba and the Breeders Behind Them

    BY Linda Dietrick

  • A Misleading Portrait: The Provisional Government of Assiniboia and the Creation of Manitoba

    BY Derrick M. Nault

Book Reviews

  • Barbara Belyea (ed.), Peter Fidler from York Factory to the Rocky Mountains, Columbia University Press, 2020

    BY Ted Binnema

  • Tim Cook & J. L. Granatstein (eds.), Canada 1919: A Nation Shaped by War, UBC Press, 2020

    BY Jim Blanchard

  • L. K. Bertram, The Viking Immigrants: Icelandic North Americans, University of Toronto Press, 2020

    BY Ryan Eyford

  • Paul D. Earl, The Rise and Fall of United Grain Growers, Cooperatives, Market Regulations and Free Enterprise, University of Manitoba Press, 2019

    BY Nolan Brown

  • Donica Belisle, Purchasing Power: Women and the Rise of Canadian Consumer Culture, University of Toronto Press, 2020

    BY Béatrice Craig

  • Graham D. Taylor, Imperial Standards, Imperial Oil, Exxon, and the Canadian Oil Industry from 1880, University of Calgary Press, 2019

    BY Gordon Jaremko

  • Bettina Liverant, Buying Happiness: The Emergence of Consumer Consciousness in English Canada, UBC Press, 2018

    BY V. Michael Roberts

  • Esyllt W. Jones, Radical Medicine: The International Origins of Socialized Health Care in Canada, ARP Books, 2019

    BY Helen Vandenberg

  • Bill Waiser, In Search of Almighty Voice: Resilience and Reconciliation, Fifth House Publishers, 2020

    BY Donald B. Smith

  • Arthur Ross, Communal Solidarity, Immigration, Settlement, and Social Welfare in Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882–1930, University of Manitoba Press, 2019

    BY Kurt Korneski


  • Layers of a Letter: Lakota History, Language, and Voices in the Archives

    BY Claire Thomson

Prairie Gazette

  • Former Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School Designated a National Historic Site

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Regeneration of Places of Faith: The Saskatchewan Experience

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Manitoba Heritage Summit: A Virtual Success

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Back Home on the Range: Bison on the Prairies

    BY Sheila Grover

  • HBC Royal Charter Exhibited in Canada

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Count the Prime Ministers

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Inuit Art Centre to Open Soon in Winnipeg

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 Culture

    BY Kristin Catherwood

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