• Making History Relevant Through Community-Engaged Learning

    BY Lynn Gidluck

Feature Articles

  • “Le Bon Féminisme”: Magali Michelet and the First-Wave Feminism of Franco-Albertans, 1906-1916

    BY Sarah Dickson

  • “The Most Beautiful Altar in the Diocese”: Art, Anglicanism, and British Settler Identities at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Vernon District, Saskatchewan

    BY Allison Fizzard

Prairie Pageant

  • 150 Years of Citizen-Soldiers in Manitoba

    BY David Grebstad

  • Reviving History at the Inglis Elevators

    BY Judy Bauereiss

  • Wai Hai Lee: Winnipeg’s First Chinese Detective, 1910-1915

    BY Judy Bauereiss

Book Reviews

  • Gary Filmon, Yes We Did: Leading in Turbulent Times, Heartland Books, 2021

    BY Christopher Adams

  • Molly P. Rozum, Grasslands Grown: Creating Place on the U.S. Northern and Canadian Prairies, University of Manitoba Press, 2021

    BY Francis Carroll

  • Simon M. Evans, A Geography of the Hutterites in North America, University of Nebraska Press, 2021

    BY Alvin J. Esau

  • Sarah Carter, Ours by Every Law of Right and Justice: Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces, UBC Press, 2020

    BY Esyllt Jones

  • Roderic Beaujot, From Horse and Buggy to GPS: Life on a Saskatchewan Farm, Open Science Framework at SocArXiv, 2021

    BY James Kostuchuk

  • Roy MacLaren, Mackenzie King in the Age of the Dictators: Canada’s Imperial and Foreign Policies, McGill-Queens University Press, 2020

    BY Graham MacDonald

  • Geoffrey Cameron, Send Them Here: Religion, Politics, and Refugee Resettlement in North America, McGill-Queens University Press, 2021

    BY Jim Mochoruk

  • Royden Loewen, Mennonite Farmers: A Global History of Place and Sustainability, University of Manitoba Press, 2021

    BY Molly P. Rozum


  • Jakob Marjan’s Shoe Repair Shop in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, 1932-1979

    BY Elizabeth A. Scott

Prairie Gazette

  • Prairie Historians Receive the Order of Canada

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Take a Quiz on Canadian History

    BY Sheila Grover

  • UNESCO Resources for Educators and Interpreters

    BY Sheila Grover

  • The Pandemic of 1918-1919 in Rural Alberta: A First-Person Account

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Rivers in Winter

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Running Field Trips in Manitoba: A Retrospective

    BY John Lehr

  • Thematic Tours Across the Prairies

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Saskatchewan’s Oldest Graveyard

    BY Bill Waiser

  • New Online Tour Explores the Lost University of Manitoba

    BY Shelley Sweeney

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