• The Indigenous West

    BY Cheryl Troupe

Feature Articles

  • Louis Riel, Wahkohtowin, and the First Act of Resistance at Red River

    BY Derrick M. Nault

  • Nineteenth-Century Metis Material Culture at Red River and the Struggle for Landownership

    BY Christoph Laugs

  • Wapaha Sk ̅a Dakota Oyat ̅e Ihduhap ̅i: Widening the Lens on Whitecap Dakota First Nation in Pion-Era Photographs, 1955-1969

    BY Stephanie M. Danyluk, Canadian Museums Association, Melvin Littlecrow, Federation of Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations Senator and Elder, and Elizabeth A. Scott, Western Development Museum

  • The West Beyond the Levant: Comparing British and Ottoman Colonization in the Writings of Algernon Heber-Percy

    BY Daniel Sims

  • Wahkotowin, Keemooch, and Home: A History of the Conklin Métis Community, 1886-2020

    BY Peter Fortna

  • Indigenous Perspective on Heritage Conservation and the Ecomuseum Approach: Initial Findings from Saskatchewan

    BY Dwight Peigan, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Glenn Sutter, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Amber J. Fletcher, University of Regina

  • Transforming the Settler-Colonial Criminal Justice System: A History of First Nations Efforts in Saskatchewan, 1970s-1980s

    BY Laura Beach

Prairie Pageant

  • David Thompson in the West: A Conversation with Artist Don McMaster


  • Prairie Photography of the Tyrrell Expedition, 1887-1889

    BY Dale Dutton

Book Reviews

  • Katherine A. H. Graham and David Newhouse (eds.), Sharing the Land, Sharing a Future: The Legacy of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, University of Manitoba Press, 2021

    BY Sheilla Jones

  • Travis Hay, Inventing the Thrifty Gene: The Science of Settler Colonialism, University of Manitoba Press, 2021

    BY Caden Colegrove

  • Nancy Marguerite Anderson, The York Factory Express: Fort Vancouver to Hudson Bay, 1826-1849, Vancouver: Ronsdale Books, 2021

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Bruce Erickson and Sarah Wylie Krotz (eds.), The Politics of the Canoe, Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2021

    BY Jamie Benidickson

  • Exhibit Review: Kwaata-Nihtaawakihk: A Hard Birth, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 19 March – 3 September 2022

    BY Amanda McLeod

  • Sarah Whitecalf, Cree is Who I Truly Am – Me I Am Truly a Cree Woman: A Life Told by Sarah Whitecalf. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2021

    BY Nicole Rosen

  • Sarah Carter and Inez Lightning, Ancestors: Indigenous Peoples of Western Canada in Historic Photographs, Bruce Peel Special Collections, University of Alberta Press, 2021

    BY Felix Berry


  • Walking Through History: Exploring an Early 20th-Century Pair of Pointed-Toe Moccasins

    BY Amy M. Briley

Prairie Gazette

  • Endangered Places in Canada

    BY Sheila Grover

  • 2021 Top-Ten Endangered Structures in Manitoba

    BY Gordon Goldsborough

  • They Remember. They Remember Us. They Remember for Us.

    BY Tarah Hogue

  • New Government of Canada Legislation Gives Indigenous People A Stronger Voice

    BY Greg Thomas

  • New from Canada Post: Indigenous Leaders Honoured, and Help for Ukraine

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Sacred Artifacts Returned to Alberta’s Blackfoot Community

    BY Greg Thomas

  • Woodland Caribou in Canada’s Boreal Forest

    BY Sheila Grover

  • ‘Wordle’ Word Game Assisting Old Languages

    BY Sheila Grover

  • Winnipeg’s Bay Building Gets New Lease on Life

    BY Greg Thomas

  • 2021 Margaret McWilliams Awards


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